Our Services – Shelving & Racking Specialist


We will thoroughly analyze your storage problems and provide a custom-designed shelving and racking solution for your business. By using our CAD System, the optimal solution is worked out and plotted to scale and accuracy.


Our production processes are carried out under stringent ISO 9001:2000 certification at our principals’ highly automated plants strategically located nearby in Malaysia, Mainland China, and Taiwan. The production process follows the ”Just-In-Time” principle, from the initial sawing to the finished products. These processes guarantee accurate delivery times and schedules.

All shelving and racking products and components are automatically ensured full protection against corrosion through an environmentally-friendly finishing process. This consists of degreasing, phosphating, drying, chromed-plating or electrostatic powder coating, and enameling.

Safety & Quality

The frames, posts, and beams of our shelving & racking systems are manufactured from high-performance cold steel roll which has a built-in minimum safety factor on a yield of 1.65:1. Our shelving and racking systems are subjected to extreme load tests and given the highest SIRIM approval ratings.

All Pallet Racking and Storage Systems confirm to International Codes of Practice as recommended by the following bodies:

  • Australian Standard AS4084:2012 – Code of Practice for the design of Steel Storage Racking.
  • British Standard 5950 PT5 1998 ­ Code of Practice for the design of cold rolled sections in steel.
  • F.E.M 10.02.02 ­ Feederation Europeenne De La Manuterntion standard for the design of static steel pallet racking.
  • S.E.M.A ­ Storages Equipment Manufacturers Associations.


The installation is executed by our skilled in-house installers specially trained for the job, guaranteeing a fast and efficient assembly of your storage shelving installation.

Customer Service

For a professional, value for money solution for all your shelving, racking & storage systems needs, our sales team is always at your service. You are assured of our total support from initial planning to after sales service.